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o n c e // var-mış 

written, directed and performed by cemre su salur

sound design by

gökçe uygun

light design by

seril aksoy

light assistance by

pınar bektaş

A princess, who’s been locked away in a tower, has to wait until “freed” by her prince charming. 

What sets her apart, is her will to refute all she’s ever been told: 

Can one be enough to oneself ? 


Growing up alone, the princess is unwittingly caught between her childhood and womanhood. 


After spending years on top of overlapping endless stones;

Her greatest wonder: the earth, her greatest dream: to feel it beneath her feet. 


Her desire to feel the ground awakened her everlasting sleeping, existential agony. 


Once's poetic integrity, consists of performative motifs such as; time, loneliness, desire, indecision, doubt and self. 

performer // director // movement artist

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