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somatic poetry 
an online movement research workshop

by Freddy Tang

Somatic Poetry is about finding and tuning with the imaginative body,

to free the body, and searching for one's own poetry to open up space within.
It is a therapeutic session to simply surrender to the holy ridiculous, express unapologetically, and sometimes move nonsensically.

The workshop is 1,5 hours weekly.

*​Additionally, for professional performers it also includes consultancy in creativity and developing performative work.


-Finding the Neutral Body
-Spine and Breath
-Explorative Movement: Textures and Body (Elements, Seasons, Colors, Words, etc.)

-Pure Movement Through Articulation (Creative Mobility and Joint Work)
-Movement Therapy
-Physical Awareness
-Imagination and Transformation (Inspired by Videos, Sounds, Painting, Texts, etc.)

*book a session or simply schedule a zoom meeting with me and let's have a chat about your movement/ performative journey

performer // director // movement artist

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