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VOID is an exploration of the female body: how it occupies space, and how it has been existing throughout history. VOID is about unleashing the female memory: how the rigid traditions, countless rituals, shame, guilt, and fear have left their marks on our bodies and souls.


What if the women in mythology, fairy tales, tragedies, biblical texts cross paths through memories marked by blood?




Dance theatre piece, that is a juxtaposition of seven scenes. 

Mother, Foam, Sisters, Dagger, Fertility, Shame and Mani


They all resonate the happenings, moments and cultural placement of figures such as; Andersen's Thumbelina and Little Mermaid, Sophocles's Antigone and Ismene, Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth and Cleopatra, Wilde's Salome, Genet's Solange and Claire, Lorca's Adela, and last but not least Dinah from the Old Testament.

They enter and exist, as shadows and echoes crossing paths with one another or they consistently exist in a repetitive manner.

VOID gives space for them to interfere and indulge in these historical never-ending and changing moments, that were written by these magnificent storytellers.   

performers // delaine dobbs, jessica crist, marsha pierre, sydney shinnick, yolette yellow-duke 


creator & director // cemre su salur 


choreographer // yolette yellow-duke


sound designer // sasha hawkins


lighting  designer // victoria bain


stage manager // cinthia chen


textile artistry // keith kelly


VOID premiered at the HERE Arts Center New York in August of 2018.

performer // director // movement artist

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