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An aquaphobe, a devilish teenager, and a painted masochist.

Three surreal figures journey through the futile web that is their shame. 


So, Count Mine. is an online digital theatrical experience that thematically explores the cycles and manifestations of shame through three surreal characters. Following a non-linear structure, viewers select one of three journeys that will lead them through 9 original short films, all of which have been directed, performed, and designed in collaboration. 


So, Count Mine. is an exciting look into the world of performance and production through times of COVID-19. The international all womxn collective It's Us: Ophelia (Turkey, Hong Kong, Russia) introduces an innovative approach to production and experimental process within the confines of a pandemic. 


With each member of the collective working in rotation as writers, directors, performers, and sound designers for each film, the project developed beyond the parameters of the traditional film/theatrical process. 

Salur co-founded the It's Us: Ophelia collective during the COVID pandemic.

She has written, directed, and artistically lead 3 of 9 short films You Are Not the Nightmare, Almost, and The Vanishing Act. 


Cemre Su Salur

Elif Gülin Soğuksu

Gökçe Uygun

Nana Makharashvili

Reggie Yip

SO, COUNT MINE. premiered at digitally in December of 2020.

Available for private screenings please contact for booking.

performer // director // movement artist

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