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The Little Mermaid, Andersen's most famous fairytale is one of sacrifice. 

The mermaid must sacrifice her voice, her body, and her life for a prince. Her new legs, which the sea witch trades for her tongue, brings knife-like agonizing pain with every step she takes. Without her voice, feeling stabbed dusk till dawn, all in hopes of gaining the love of the prince and if she doesn't by sunrise she will dissolve into sea foam

Every color represents parts of her journey. 

Blue, representing her purest hopes and dreams,

Green the first time she saw the above, the prince, and her time on earth.

Purple was her acceptance and surrender to death.

Water was her unexpected honor to become one of the daughters of the air. 

foam was developed by Salur herself to be a part of The Mamut Art Project 2019.

performer // director // movement artist

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