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created and performed by

cemre su salur

light design by

seril aksoy

photography by

efe can 

What is it to become something other for a theater performer?

What is it to stand on that thin line that divides reality from fantasy?

Completely surrendering and slowing down that very moment of the performers becoming in a hyper-realistic context.


Un-become when poetic becoming unleashes with repetition.


The repetitive action itself will allow the performer space to play, experiment, explore, share, reflect, react and become over and over and over again. 

With each round of the chosen numbered texts and the constant changing performative approach, something new and authentic will flourish. The performer must throw a dice to let fate decide which text they'll perform next.

becoming was developed by Salur herself to be performed at Soho House Istanbul in 2022.

performer // director // movement artist

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