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A sister, all she ever wants is to honor and bury her brother.

This brother of hers was and still a traitor to the nation according to King Creon. 

Whoever buries him will receive death in return says he. 

Brave ANTIGONE honors her dear brother Polyneikes over and over and over again.

For her death is long and certain. It is the only absolute. She does not fear it. 

Her bold stance against death and her peace with it has been creeping under the skin of its audience for centuries now. 

If ANTIGONE would be a citizen as much as she were a sister and Creon a father as much as he would be a leader. Would there be any room for compromise? asks Hegel.

V O I D's production of ANTIGONE sets itself in a dystopic yet graceful atmosphere that culture clashes the Anatolian and Greek motifs.

The traditional value is tremendously heightened and yet minimally styled. 

buket gülbeyaz, gamze durmuş, ahmet kuntberk alptemoçin

ezgi koçer,,gökçe uygun,,asena yıldırım & gözde yıldırım 



cemre su salur

producer, director, choreographer, translator, and set designer 

ömer tarık tatlıcı

art director

gökçe uygun

sound designer

cemre su salur & cem ünsal

light designer 

seril aksoy aylin ocakoğlu

light operators

boo pala

costume designer 

ANTIGONE premiered at the TIM Maslak Show Center Istanbul in November of 2019.

performer // director // movement artist

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